Introduction to Animate

Today i started learning the basics of animate. I created simple shapes like circles, stars and Squares, and then edited them into something more complex. I used the ‘Line Tool’ the ‘Rectangle Tool’, ‘Circle Tool’ and the ‘PolyStar Tool’ to create the basic shapes. I then used the ‘Free Transform Tool’ to edit the basic shapes. I also edited the Stroke size and style of the shapes to create some unusual shape boarders.random-shape-introduction

After i had finished editing the shapes I was tasked with creating a portrait of myself. I began with a circle on stroke size 6 and the width on option 8. Which as a result created a difference in line weight. I then edited the Circle shape with the ‘Free Transform Tool’ giving it a more face like look. I added basic eye shapes using the ‘Circle Tool’. Using the brush tool i drew the hair and ears by hand. I had 3 different layers which resulted in depth for the ‘portrait’. The face shape, eyes and mouth were on layer 1. The glasses and ears were on layer 2. The Hair was on layer 3.



Volume and depth in art

Today I practiced volume and depth in 2D drawings, by drawing from real life, by drawing bears and copying a 2D animation, by drawing adventure time characters.

big bear.jpeg

Here is an example of one of the bears I drew.


And here is an example of Finn, one of the Adventure Time characters i drew.

Maze Game


I made my maze game on Flash 2015, which is now known as Animate. I spent three lessons on this Game, although I had to restart on the second lesson as the coding for the game was broken.below-average


This is an image of the first level in my game, which is also the title screen. The characters and the goal are very simple designs and there is only a grey background, which looks quite bad, but it fits with the games name, ‘THE BELOW AVERAGE MAZE GAME’.below-average-2


This is the second level in my game. It is verysimple to begin with as I was still getting used to Flash. As I have never use it before.below-average-3


I then started to use tweens on my next level, the three circles moved up and down while the player had to move their character across to the goal.below-average-4


I then started to get into more advanced tweens, as this circle followed the player around, slowing down too much would result in the circle catching up to the player and the player needing to restart.



This level looks fairly simple, but after 5 seconds the black area goes transparent, meaning you have to attempt to get to the goal, not knowing where the borders are. below-average-7

The final slide tells you exactly how long it took you to finish the game, and there is a Retry button at the top meaning you can restart without quitting and loading the game again.

PowerPoint Presentation on Facepunch Studios

My presentation was on Facepunch Studios, developers of Garry’s Mod and Rust. I believe I had images that related to the Presentation and had relevant information. The slideshow had a minimalist feel to it and only a small amount of information was shown on screen. However it occurred to me during the presentation that I did not have enough information about FacePunch themselves, but more on their games. I struggled to keep the presentation going for the minimum required time. I stuttered a small amount, but it resulted in my presentation being poorly delivered showing I need to improve before I have to present my portfolio. Here is the PowerPoint i used facepunch-studios-final.


Hi, my name is Thomas and I am first year student on the Next-Gen game design course at Sunderland college. I am mostly interested in the 3D modelling and animation side of the course. Blizzard’s animated shorts of the popular game Overwatch have inspired me. The featured image is from the animated short “The Last Bastion”, which is the latest of the animated short series.

However, I am also interested in the technical side of the course, as many people have inspired me to learn as much as possible about this aspect of the game design industry. Garry Newman, developer of popular games such as Garry’s Mod and Rust taught himself how to code. Making him an inspiration to me.

Throughout the time I spend on the course I expect to learn various new skills which will help me even after my time on the course has ended.