Unity Game: Updated

This week i only did a little bit of coding. I took the “Door Controller” script and changed it around so that one door opens clockwise and the other one anticlockwise. I changed the small room to a Barn to give it a more personal feel. I made the barn in Maya, and exported it into Unity.


I also added audio, and temporarily have the song “6969” by the band NSP as i was testing out audio in unity.




Animate Platformer Game Update

I have improved upon my Animate Platformer since last week. I have added collectible items which look like pumpkins and have drawn a new character. I stuck with the Halloween theme and used a cat, although the cat i used was Garfield.



I have added comments to the code, which will help me remember what the code does in the future, and will help when making games in the future.

Flash Developer: Half Brick

Half Brick studios is an Australian  video game developer. Founded in 2001 by 6 people in a basement, and they primarily worked on licensed games until 2008.

In 2010 they released Fruit Ninja and in 2011 they released Jetpack Joyride. Jetpack joyride is their most famous Flash game, and was only available on IOS.


In 2012 Jetpack Joyride was updated so it could also be played on Android, BlackBerry OS, PlayStation Vita, Windows Runtime and on Facebook as a web browser game

As of 2016 Half Brick studios now has 100 employees and have 6 different offices. One in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Spain, Bulgaria and Los Angeles.

UV Mapping in Maya

I struggled with the UV mapping in Maya quite a lot to begin with as I had never even heard of UV mapping never mind trying it for myself. However a large part of the problem was that my spaceship mesh was severely messed up. Resulting in weird results when I tried to use UV Mapping. I fixed one side of the ship and mirrored that onto the other side of the ship to fix the issue. My ship is only currently part way finished as I only had time to do the left engine.uvship-meshI now understand how to use the Hypershade window and how to add textures, and exactly how the Uv maps work. I believe the quality of what I have done is decent and could be improved although it could also be a lot worse.

Robot design research


For my research i simply collected several different pictures of robots and saved the ones i liked the most. I am creating silhouettes using features from all of these robot designs.

I will use the silhouette designs to help create my final robot which will be either a 3D model made in Maya or an illustration made in Photoshop or illustrator.

Unity Coding

Continuing  from last week when I made a small room in which you had to find a key to escape. I added new features. One of which is a flashlight that you can toggle on and off, another is an inventory system and another is a crosshair which I made following an online tutorial. The crosshair is fairly basic and needs a lot of work as it gets in the way of me clicking on the key, which of the opposite of what a crosshair should do.


This picture shows the new crosshair and flashlight.


The coding I used for the inventory system.

Animate Platformer Game

In my game i used the spooky scene from the previous week as the setting.


I edited the coding to make thew player character sightly slower but jump slightly higher. I also changed the controls from arrow keys, to WASD.wasd-coding

I slightly changed the background so there were a few extra bats so you can get up to the top of the moon as that is the goal. It is difficult to tell what is ground and what isn’t, making the game slightly confusing to anyone who didn’t create the game, so i am planning on slightly changing the ground colour.

Here is a link to my game:


3D Spaceship Remodel


I have learned to use new tools since starting my first spaceship. I have completely remodelled my spaceship as I am now able to use more complicated tools and can make more complex models. My peers reviewed my model and advised me on how I could improve. I was told that my ship cockpit had too many faces on the front, as I had bevelled it with a Fraction of 1.0.

I am happy with the model design. However I need to clean it up, as it currently has 3284 faces as I have accidently created extra faces using the extrude tool and this will make it difficult to texture next week.

3D Spaceship Model

While creating this spaceship I have developed my skills in Maya greatly as I have leaned to use new tools, such at “Booleans”, “Bevel” , “Bridge”, “Connect” and “Extrude”. I attempted to use the “CV Curve tool” in order to create pipes on my spaceship, however I was struggling and will have to ask Matt for some help, or attempt to follow online tutorials. These tools all helped with the development of my spaceship and will help with future 3D models. I have restarted the creation of my model three times. Twice by choice, and the other because Maya crashed and I had not saved my work.

I now know I have to save my work as often as I can in order to not lose it, as Maya crashes often. The quality of my Spaceship was not great as I restarted multiple times and the final time I had to rush my work. I will have to put in extra time at work in order to improve the quality, as it severely lacks detail.

Flash Games

I was asked to play and evaluate games made with the Flash Engine so i could experience what the Flash Engine was capable of.

I played Several different games to play, most of them being we browsers. One of which is called “Dino Run”, the player controls a velociraptor through various side scrolling levels from a “wall of doom” which increases in difficulty the further you get. dino-run-1dino-run-2

The game looks pretty good, as the game shows off various effects from the Flash Engine.

Another game i tried was “Castle Crashers” which is a quite popular game. It shows off the extent of the Flash Engine visual capabilities as it looks very appealing.castle-crash-1castle-crash-2

However the coding and animation were made in a different engine.