Room Project: Update 4

I have finished most of the models in the room, however i still need to do the doors. But i will do them last as they are quite simple and I would rather make sure i manage to texture all of my more complex models first.


All of the current textures are placeholders, except the one on the radiator cover ( to the left of the table). Which is only a white blinn as that is all i needed to use.


I have added transparent material to the wall to make it seem like there is glass, however from the inside you can only see a small part as it is covered by curtains that are a work in progress.


I have also added two lights to my scene to make it seem as if my room was set at night time. I have used a spotlight for the main light (not in picture ) which has an intensity of 0.08 and a drop off of 8, making the edges of the light a bit more smooth. I also used a volume light for the small lamp on the radiator cover. I still need to make the models for two more lamps that are in the room, one large lamp that will be at the bottom left of the room and a small table lamp that will be on the desk at the bottom right of the room, both of which will use a volume light. However the one at the bottom right will have a lower intensity than the other, and will be barely visible.

Most of the room will be textured from by the next update.


Robot design research/ current design

I have decided to make my final robot a cyborg. I decided to chose between a bird and a badger, the bird was the better choice, as it was easier to do in my opinion.

I used songbird from bio shock for inspiration.


My bird is currently a Work In Progress.

and currently looks like this…

bad bird.PNG


Spaceship Model: Rendered


I have finished rendering my ship. I added 3 points of lighting to the model, two spot lights and one area light.


The area light has 0.020 intensity, the large spot light has 0.200 intensity and the smaller spot light has 0.100 intensity. As i tried to make the right side of the ship darker to add depth to the ship.


I changed the render settings to get the best quality render.

Production qual.PNG

I did this by changing the ‘Quality’ tab to Production quality.


I also changed the Image size preset to HD 1080.

Word render.PNG

Resulting in a render similar to this.

I used Photoshop to add a background to my render, i used three different backgrounds…

bad render 1.png

bad render 2.png

…I decided on this one as my final background.rendered-ship-finished

I tried using different angles of my ship for my render.



angle 2.png

I decided to use the first angle as it showed off most of my ship and it was easier to see that my ship had been textured.

I also tried adding different tints to to my ship, using the Image> Adjustments> Levels tab.


I attempted to give the ship a darker/ orange tint.


Orange 2.png

Orange 3.png

I decided to use the second, as it wasn’t too dark but also had the orange tint.


Lighting in Maya


I found this image on the site, It is a modified industrial truck. So it fits in perfectly with the theme i need to stick so, so i’m using it as inspiration.

I am also looking at vehicles from the movies Elysium, Blade runner and various other dystopian movies themed movies. dys-2

This vehicle from the movie Elysium has the sort of look i would like to aim for, as I want to design a vehicle that can fly, but also sticks with the theme.



Room project: Update 3

I have Uv unwrapped more of my models and have applied the basic checkered texture.

Room 5.PNG

I still need to unwrap the table and the right wall. I still need to add the radiator model, two doorways and the smaller objects that are on the table and desk.


I also decided to start texturing what i already have unwrapped. So i started with the floor, using a basic wooden floor. The texture looks bad, as you can see where tiled the images, I also forgot to hide the Uv layer. So i will redo this texture.

Spaceship Model: Half Textured

I have started to texture my spaceship , i am using a texture from the site . I also used a rust texture from google images, which has alpha levels. spaceship-half-texture

I also forgot to remove the UV layer in Photoshop, so it saved on top of the texture currently being used. However i will remove it once I have completely finished. I may change the metal texture to a more rusted one, and also add vines with an alpha level to the ship.

Christmas game research

The NextGen course has been tasked with making the 2016 Christmas game. I have researched several games, including the game created last year by the course.


and other games, such as motherload and Jetpack joyride.


Although these games arent Christmas themed they are made in Flash, which will help me see what i can achieve and what i cant achieve.