Maya room renders







Animation in Maya

Today i crated my own rig in Maya, I decided to make a worm, with antennas.worm

I gave it antenna so I could show off the bend deform tool.

The worm was made using several different cylinders one after the other, and I moved the Widget of one cylinder to the cylinder in front of it.


I crated a hierarchy for my worm, I made the head the parent of everything, the antennas are the child of the head, and they are the parent of the “bend handle”. The rest of the body are all parents and children of each other. The head is the most important part of the rig, and the end section of the worm is the least important as it is last on the hierarchy.


I need to improve on the antenna as they do not move correctly and both ends move, rather than just the top.

I named it  Wiggleson Wilson the Worm.

Dystopian vehicle research design


I found this image on the site, It is a modified industrial truck. So it fits in perfectly with the theme i need to stick so, so i’m using it as inspiration.

I am also looking at vehicles from the movies Elysium, Blade runner and various other dystopian movies themed movies. dys-2

This vehicle from the movie Elysium has the sort of look i would like to aim for, as I want to design a vehicle that can fly, but also sticks with the theme.

Animation in Maya

I created my first animation in Maya today. I animated a lamp rig that was created Matt earlier. My idea was simply for the lamp to look around and then jump forward, although i struggled with the jumping animation and had to cut my animation short.

Here is a link to my animation

I used 140 frames in total, only after i changed it. It was initially 180 frames, however i changed it took too long for the lamp too look around, and it looked very weird.


I was planning on adding anticipation to my animation, in the jumping part of the animation, but I never made it to that part.

I need to improve my animation by adding more of the 12 principals of animation to it, and I will do this by doing more work at home and making my animation long enough to add them.


Using tracking in animate

Today i learned how to use targeting in animate. I used a video, and a logo design from the X drive. The objective was to stop the logo from moving with the video.

I started by opening the tracking menu.


From here I selected ‘Track Motion’, this would create a small square at the center of the screen, I needed to resize the square as it was too small and would mess with the tracking.

track 1.PNG

The square was then moved to where i wanted the logo to be, in this case it was here… track-2

I then had to analyze the tracker and add the X and Y dimensions.

I liked the tracker to a null and the logo object to the null. This resulted in the logo staying in the same place, rather than following the screen.