Dystopian Vehicle 3D: 3

I have decided to completely redo my vehicle, as I am not satisfied with my design at my current point in time. I will continue to use the blimp/ airship design, however I am going to rework the looks of the whole ship.

blimp 2.PNG

I have tried to think of more blimp designs for my ship, and this is the one i liked the most.

I have started work on the front of the ship.

Blimp 2 start.PNG

Although this is all I have at the moment, i am pleased with the way it turned out. The bars are just extended cubes that are beveled on the edges.

As i have said in other posts, I have been inspired by the game ‘guns of Icarus’, and I am trying to adopt the steampunk aesthetic. The front of my ship is nearly an copy from a ship in the game. My ship Is designed around the ship ‘Pyramidion’ from the game, this is it below. The front is pretty similar, however the rest is only based off of the ship, but will not be a copy.

..Image result for guns of icarus ships


Dystopian vehicle 3D: 2

Since i made my last post on my 3D vehicle, i have made improvements and added quite a large amount of things. Some of these things i added to my blimp are sails, the sails are taken from ships in guns of icarus.


Trim Paths in After Effects


During my lesson today i learned how to create trim paths.

To start with the imported two files from the X drive, they both including the Text ‘Trim Paths’ in two different ways.

The one with the outline of the words was what i used first. I created shapes from a vector layer which made it possible for me to edit the text. I then opened the texts ‘contents’ and added a trim layer, which makes it possible for me to just edit the outline of the word.trim

Clicking on this add tab will open a list where I can find the trim path option, and add a new tab to the contents.


I then opened this new tab, called ‘Trim Paths 1’, and located the ‘End’ option. I clicked the clock next to the End text and then set the percentage to 0% while the timeline was at 0 seconds. I then moved the timeline to 4 seconds which is the end of the timeline, and changed the percentage to 100%. Which would end up in the text having this effect.


Class diagrams and Trigonometry

Class diagrams are a like a blueprint for game features or assets. They list all of the game properties in order and show exactly what you will need for these properties to work.

Here is an example of a class diagram:


Trigonometry is used in 2D games to help calculate the distance between objects. As there is no diagonal axis, trigonometry is used to work out the distance where the the diagonal axis would be.

Movement in the x axis is calculated using the Cosine, as the cosine of an angle is the ratio of the adjacent side with the hypotenuse, which in this context is used as Cosine(angle) = X/Distance
Movement in the y axis is calculated using the Sine, as the sine of an angle is the ratio of the opposite side with the hypotenuse, which again can be used as Sine(angle) = Y/Distance.

Radians are used to measure angles, the GIF below, showed to us by Ant, clearly explains exactly how they are used.


Art deco in real life, compared to bioshock

Art deco: The predominant decorative art style of the 1920s and 1930s, characterised by precise and boldly geometric shapes and strong colours and used most notably in household objects and in architecture.

Many building designs incorporate this style, with its simple colours and simple geometric shapes. Because of its simple style, it can be found in various video game.

Some examples of buildings that use this style are: BBC broadcasting house in London  and the palace of nations in Geneva.


Image result for palace of nationsImage result for bbc broadcasting house

These simple geometric shapes are easily transferred over to the digital world in games such as Bioshock, mostly 1 and 2.

Image result for bioshock art decoImage result for bioshock building

These images from bioshock clearly show the art deco style being used in games. The buildings have the simple geometric shapes and the simple light colours.

Particle effects and drawing with light

First i created a Null, and then I added a new solid object. solid

I then added the CC particle Systems II to this background creating this kind of effect…


I then edited the effects to make it look like a stream of light rather than a firework.

I then liked the position of this light stream to follow the moving null.

I also duplicated the effect layer twice, changed the colors and positions, resulting in this.