Character animaton in after effects introduction

I started my character animation my importing the background and the character files from the X drive. I then created a new composition with 25 fps and running for 6 seconds.

Jed 1.PNG

I then used the pivot tool to add points to the character so i can animate. One on each knee one on each hand and foot. One on the crotch, and the top and bottom of the head.

I then made a basic animation making the legs move up and down, giving the impression that the character is running. I then used the starch tool to stiffen up the model, so the head doesn’t stretch. I then recomposed the layer so that i can edit the position of the character without changing the animation. I then changed the position and size of the character to make it look like the character is moving towards the camera.

Jed 2.gif


VFX Research task

When were they founded?

Who owns them? Partnering companies…

What movies/ or Games did they produce?

What roles are available in the company?(More Artists, Animatior, etc)

Where would you fit into these companies? (What role would you apply for)

What experience are they looking for? (Academic Degrees, Experience, etc)

What can you offer them (when you fully graduate)?

Who produced and made your favorite game/s?

How do they market themselves?


Facepunch studios, founded in 2004 and incorporated in 2009 by Garry Newman.

Facepunch studios is owned and was founded by Garry Newman.

The most popular games they have produced are Rust and Garry’s mod.

Currently Facepunch studios is looking for Programmers/ Artists/ and Animators.

I would believe i would fit into and would apply for the role of an Artist, a 3D artist to be precise.

I believe i could offer quite a lot to Facepunch Studios, they are constantly updating games they already have out, such as rust, and they are constantly working on game prototypes. I believe any sort of skill I can offer relating to games design will bring quite a bit to Facepunch studios.

Facepunch and Capcom produced my favorite games, which are Rust and the Monster Hunter series (but if i had to choose, Monster Hunter 4 ultimate is the best out of the series).

Capcom market themselves and their games through advertisements on television, they are a very large company and can afford to do so.

Piggy bank ident: 2

I have improved upon my ident since my last post. I have made the shaking look a little more rigid, which in my case looks it look better.

I batch rendered the animation and imported it into Adobe Premiere pro, i then added a white background behind the animation, as it was just black before this, and made it difficult to see parts of the piggy bank. I also added sounds to the animation, coin shaking sounds for when the piggy bank is shaking, and then a ‘swoosh’ sound for when the coins fly out of the piggy bank. I also added a fade transaction to the end of the animation, this makes the end look more smooth.

I then exported my video as a movie clip and then compressed it in handbrake.

I will re-render my animation over the next week, as i do not like the positions of the letters on the coins. I will also try to add more principles of animation into my animation to make it look more professional.

Dystopian vehicle 3D: 5

I have improved my design since i made my last post, i have added various parts to the ship.

blimp 6.PNG

I am still taking heavy inspiration from ‘Guns of Icarus’ and have added things like hanging rope and wire to my ship, I have also added make shift armor looking stuff to the balloon part of the ship, as i want to stick with the dystopian feel.


Blimp 8.PNG

Principles Analysis – Mike’s

I decided to choose the animation ‘Mike’s new car’ for my principles analysis.


The first principle i noticed was when Sully got into the car, the seat was too high up and he couldn’t fit properly. To show this the squash principle was used. Squashing his character model shows that there isn’t enough room. At 0:45.



Anticipation is also shown when Mike tries to close the bonnet at 1:40, he slightly crouches before he jumps to try and close it. In this scene Squash and stretch is shown again, when the bonnet closes on Mikes hands he stretches when screaming to try and emphasis the point that he is in pain.

mike-1 Mike 2.PNG

Whenever sully moves around, his hair follows after him. This principle is follow through, it is easily spotted at 2:00, as he jumps around, his hair follows after him.

Sully 2.gif