Low Poly environment: Final render

final 3

We have finished the low poly environment, here is a final render, with half as a wireframe. Overall the environment turned out well, however we did run into some problems. One of which was that some of the assets imported were not renamed, so several assets had the same name, and we had to rename them after being imported.


Face Sculpting with Plasticine


I believe I captured the initial shape of the face very well. After that it went quite bad, the parts i added, like the nose and ears didn’t look very good, as I did not blend the areas into where they meet the face very well.

In the future I will improve the model by… WIP

After Effects: Animating crushed words

Harrison Crushed.gif

We have been given two weeks to create our own animated words, with the name of a character or game. However this week we were tasked with animating some stuff Pete had given us. We had to make it seem like the boulder was crushing the words Harrison Ford.

I started by animating the position of the boulder, and then animating the rotation. The final frame for the boulder is at 75.

I then used the pupped tool to add pins to the words, and then starched the bottom of all the words.

Game concept – programming exam: 2

Continuing on from last week I have created sprites for the enemy AI. I have added scripts that move the enemy around 3 waypoints. A death controller for the player, and a next level controller.


Here is the enemy AI, I like this sprite. However I am going to change the look of both the enemy and player sprites to look more top down.

Waypoints script

Here is the code from moodle, for the waypoints on the enemy, and a GIF of what it does.



This is the temporary sprite for the level objective, hitting this sprite with the player sprite will load the next scene.

Here is the code that makes this work and a GIF showing exactly what it does

Next lvl gif

Next lvl

This code is exactly the same as the death controller, other than the Tag name. In death controller the tag name is ‘Enemy’ in this it is ‘Nextlvl’. Also, instead of reloading the scene, it loads the next one when hitting the object.

Warframe weapon model: 5 (Tipedo)

Today I continued with the Tipdedo model, the new blade has not broken, so now I can move on from the blade model. I remade the back blade as the old one looked very ridgid and didnt look right.


The one on the left is the old one, and the right is the new one. The shape I cut out in the middle is too wide in the new one, other than that, I am happy with the new blade model.

I also added a a cylinder to where the front blade meets the shaft, I believe this helps makes the connection look a lot smother.


and finally I used the automatic UV unwrapping tool to unwrap the model. Everything unwrapped correctly except the blade. The automatic tool made way too many UV shells and made it impossible to unwrap, so I will have to manually re-unwrap the front blade.


By the next post, I will have re-unwrapped the blade and will start texturing.

Skin effects in after effects

This week in VFX I added glowing skin and vein effects to a video that Gary placed into the X-drive.

skin effects.gif

Firstly I Tracked the video in mocha, I then selected the Bezier tool and drew around the area I wanted to have the veins showing.

Beizer tool

I then created a black solid, and pasted the tracked mocha video onto this black solid, and added a grid. I then created another black solid and added the Fractal noise effect, I changed around the setting until I found something I wanted.

I turned the eye off of the first black solid so I could see the then drew around the area that I wanted the area that I wanted the veins to show up in.

I then added the veins to the composition, 3 of the same vein from the X-drive, I just changed around the scale and rotation, and placed all of the veins into a precomposition. In that precomposition I added a white solid, and moved it to the bottom. I then changed this precomp to Luma Matte setting. I then made a precomposition of the Noise and veins precompositions and added a black solid to this, I then changed the mode of this to colour dodge.

I color corrected the veins with the curves effect, I opened up the tracking data and pasted the tracking data onto the new precomposition. I also keyed the noise layer inside this precomp to move around.

Warframe weapon model: 4 (Tipedo)

I haven’t done a whole lot since my last post, as I have struggled greatly with the blade of the weapon. I have remade the blade model about 8 times so far, 2 because I did not like how they looked, the others had to be remade because they broke in one way or the other.


broken blade

I believe the blade I currently have will not break, I have kept the amount of booleans to a minimum, I have cleared the history multiple times and just in case, I have several duplicates which I will not touch. These duplicates have not broken so far and I will not touch them until I need them or the model is finished.

What I have done to the model is that I have improved where the shaft connects to the blade as the connection looks more fluent now, although it could still use a little improvement. I have also added blade detail, like patterns to the new blade.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will improve upon my work by making the blog posts more frequent, and focusing more on the rest of the model, rather than just one part. In this case it’s the blade I’ve been mainly focused on, and I have hardly done any work on the rest of the model since my second post.

I am also thinking of leaving this model as it is now and moving onto a new one, as I am struggling a lot with parts on this model, mainly the blade. As it keeps breaking every time I reopen the scene. I have tried various things to try and prevent it breaking, so I will wait and see what it is like next time I open the model scene.

Game concept – programming exam 

We were asked to created a 2D top down game in preparation for the Jam. I decided to create a stealth game, as that is the theme for the programming exam. The idea of the game is that the player much reach the end of the level without being seen by the enemy, just your generic stealth game. The player can hide behind things like grass and boxs to avoid being seen.

I started by getting the played movement code from previous games I have made, and also comparing it against the code Ant has on the moodle to see which one works better. The one ant has uploaded works better and is less lines of code.


I also created a few spirited for players and grass tufts, the tufts of grass are one of the obstacles the player can hide behind.



I am not very happy with the quality of the player sprite, and I am going to redo it in the next session with ant. I do not think it was very good as I did not use a drawing tablet. I did not have access to them that lesson, and my own tablet is acting weird so I could use that. The grass spire I am currently using is a free base sprite from the unity asset list.

In the upcoming lesson with Ant,  I will redo the player sprite, apply the movement code to the player and create a sprite for the enemy and the projectile they will fire, along with everything else I am expected to do in that time.

Warframe weapon model: 3 (Tipedo)

Since my last post I have redone the weapon shaft, again, and will likely redo it again… I realised that a lot of the faces inside of the shaft were very weird, I have inverted faces and faces that should not be there, instead of fixing it I decided to redo it as it would be a lot easier and quicker. The latest shaft is better than the last one, however it could still be better.

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I also tried to make the front blade look more sharp, it looked alright until i rendered the model. So i will have to do that again. I made the back blade thinner, and the front blade wider.

I do not like the area where the blade connects to the shaft, I will likely redo this part with the blade again.

Although I am not getting far with the model itself, I believe my modelling skills are improving each time i work in this model.

Warframe weapon model: 2 (Tipedo)

I have improved my model since the last post, I have remade the weapon shaft, as some of the faces were sticking too far out, and made it look very sharp and like it had spikes on it> which I did not like.

Tipedo 3.jpg

I have also started to engrave patterns into the blade. I will improve the model next time by making the engravings more visible and making it the sharp part of the blade look more sharp and less square.