Animal crossing is a well known game series published by Nintendo. Players move into a town filled with cartoonish animal characters and buy a house, then work, trade, and personalize their environment.

The game was first released on the Nintendo 6, but was initially meant to be released on the N64DD and was going to take advantage of the systems built in clock. However due to the systems delays the the game was moved to the N64 and a real time clock was integrated into the game cartridge. 8 months after the release of the original game animal crossing+ was brought to the Nintendo game cube. Animal crossing+ also used the built in clock in the game cube, allowing events and the passing of time to occur between game sessions.

When Nintendo began localizing Animal Forest+ for release in North America, just  as animal crossing, the game had to undergo a major translation process. The American version of the game ended up with more text than the Japanese version. Not only did thousands of lines of text have to be translated, but new items and holidays within the game had to be created.


Originally the game series animal crossing was intended to be for the Japanese public, including all ages. It was mainly intended for family members that want to play games together. The game was taken this direction due to the work of Katsuya Eguchi. “Another thing is that I’d always get home really late. And my family plays games, and would sometimes be playing when I got home. And I thought to myself – they’re playing games, and I’m playing games, but we’re not really doing it together. It’d be nice to have a play experience where even though we’re not playing at the same time, we’re still sharing things together.

However, in 2002 animal crossing was being localized for America, the audiences stayed the same, family members of all ages. However, the game itself had to chance majorly, new holidays items and other parts of the games had to be changed or added. 16 new holidays had to be added for the american audience, including valentines day, April fools and Halloween.



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