Portfolio reflection

Over the last few weeks i have not posted much of my work, as I have been working on my portfolio. However now that I have presented my portfolio and it is out of the way, I can start working on posting more work to my blog. But not before i reflect on my portfolio. I believe it went well, better than I ever expected. I ended up getting a merit. The work I had presented was high quality, however I was told that I needed to spread my time around my work more. I had mainly focused on 3D modelling and hardly did enough work on other subjects. However that is what I will need to do in my second year, so I will need to continue to do what I am doing.


Character rigging in after effects

Today I learned how to rig characters in after effects. I used a character from the X drive, which looked like this. Rigging bot

I had to link each part of the robot to the another, for example: I linked the head to the neck and the neck to body. I also had to link the spring and the plunger, and each part of the arm to the next. I then had to change the pivot points of each part of the arms, to make it closer to the next part of the arm.

Like so.

I then had to add an adjustment layer, I then added the Angle control and connected the first part of the arm to this angle control, and then added the rest of the parts of the arm. This allows me to move all the parts of the arm at once.


Ident hand in

I have batch rendered my animation and edited it in adobe premiere. I am happy with multiple things within the animation, mostly the piggy bank its self. The shaking looks good and very smooth, and I have a few principles of animation, namely appeal and staging. However there are a few things i dislike, which i will improve later on. A few of these things are the coins themselves look badly made, i used the text tool to make these, and the letters themselves are off center. I have not used any principles of animation.

Some problems i encountered were that the piggy bank shaking didn’t look real, it dint look like it was shaking. So in the graph editor I altered the animation graph to look more realistic and stiff.

Piggy bank ident: 2

I have improved upon my ident since my last post. I have made the shaking look a little more rigid, which in my case looks it look better.

I batch rendered the animation and imported it into Adobe Premiere pro, i then added a white background behind the animation, as it was just black before this, and made it difficult to see parts of the piggy bank. I also added sounds to the animation, coin shaking sounds for when the piggy bank is shaking, and then a ‘swoosh’ sound for when the coins fly out of the piggy bank. I also added a fade transaction to the end of the animation, this makes the end look more smooth.

I then exported my video as a movie clip and then compressed it in handbrake.

I will re-render my animation over the next week, as i do not like the positions of the letters on the coins. I will also try to add more principles of animation into my animation to make it look more professional.

Principles Analysis – Mike’s

I decided to choose the animation ‘Mike’s new car’ for my principles analysis.


The first principle i noticed was when Sully got into the car, the seat was too high up and he couldn’t fit properly. To show this the squash principle was used. Squashing his character model shows that there isn’t enough room. At 0:45.



Anticipation is also shown when Mike tries to close the bonnet at 1:40, he slightly crouches before he jumps to try and close it. In this scene Squash and stretch is shown again, when the bonnet closes on Mikes hands he stretches when screaming to try and emphasis the point that he is in pain.

mike-1 Mike 2.PNG

Whenever sully moves around, his hair follows after him. This principle is follow through, it is easily spotted at 2:00, as he jumps around, his hair follows after him.

Sully 2.gif


Animation in Maya

Today i crated my own rig in Maya, I decided to make a worm, with antennas.worm

I gave it antenna so I could show off the bend deform tool.

The worm was made using several different cylinders one after the other, and I moved the Widget of one cylinder to the cylinder in front of it.


I crated a hierarchy for my worm, I made the head the parent of everything, the antennas are the child of the head, and they are the parent of the “bend handle”. The rest of the body are all parents and children of each other. The head is the most important part of the rig, and the end section of the worm is the least important as it is last on the hierarchy.


I need to improve on the antenna as they do not move correctly and both ends move, rather than just the top.

I named it  Wiggleson Wilson the Worm.

Animation in Maya

I created my first animation in Maya today. I animated a lamp rig that was created Matt earlier. My idea was simply for the lamp to look around and then jump forward, although i struggled with the jumping animation and had to cut my animation short.

Here is a link to my animation

I used 140 frames in total, only after i changed it. It was initially 180 frames, however i changed it took too long for the lamp too look around, and it looked very weird.


I was planning on adding anticipation to my animation, in the jumping part of the animation, but I never made it to that part.

I need to improve my animation by adding more of the 12 principals of animation to it, and I will do this by doing more work at home and making my animation long enough to add them.