Scrum Post: 1

We’re a few weeks into the project now, and we have had several scrums allowing us to discuss the work we have done, what needs to be improved and what needs to be worked on next. These scums have been especially helpful for me when creating the environment, as it took me a while to decide on what style to go for with the canyon tiles, and the asteroids. The scrums allowed my peers to voice their opinions on exactly how I could improve the look of them.

At first I wasn’t too sure how to make the canyon look stylised but still look good, both Matthew and Billy helped me come up with several variations until we found one we all liked. We also discussed exactly how the floor would blend into the wall tiles and exactly how the floor would tile together.

During the scrums everyone also voiced their input on the player and enemy concept art drawn by Lee and the models created by Billy and Steven. The player ship concepts were changed as they were too simple and lacked detail, and the enemy ships were made to look more dangerous, so it you player was able to actually tell if they were enemies or not. For the actual player model, Billy changed the wings several times until there was one everyone agreed on.

For Andrew, during the scrums we discussed player movement, and the scaling inside of Unity for the ships and environment. Changes to the game mechanics are still being changed to help with the game schedule. The mechanics will only be implemented if we have enough time to create the assets that compliment the mechanics. For example, the tractor beam will only be implemented if the explosive barrel and damaged wall that can be blown up are created.

Gary had not been in for a few weeks, so we decided we need to cut out animation from the game, this was a group decision.


Art essay

During the time I was working on my imagined worlds I took time to research various concept artists who have done work that could be linked to cyberpunk, and futuristic themes. Ryan church is one such artist. Church is best known for his designs of vehicles, planets, and architectures as a concept design supervisor on George Lucas’s Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, and of the alien tripods in Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. Church also worked on James Cameron’s Avatar and is responsible for the newer design of the USS Enterprise in the Star Trek films. In 1994 Church started a full time scholarship, majoring in transportation design, at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. “I wanted to make sure I learned the nuts and bolts of industrial design as well as the illustration skills to be able to create a vehicle or an environment that makes sense and looks good”.

Churches style and technique involves a lot of pre-existing textures and images, he is very resourceful when it comes to re-using both textures, and older images, mixing them with newer work. Creating a sort of matte painting type concept that also has a mix of traditional art included. Church’s vehicle designs have quite a mechanical feel to them, which make them really feel alive and part of the environment, as if a lot of thought has been put into how the vehicle will work, not just how it looks.

I have looked at all the major and smaller movies that church has worked on, and both Tran and James Cameron’s Avatar are by far my favourite.  So, these two movies are the ones I decided to review. Starting off with Tron, there isn’t too much concept art for Tron by church, however Church clearly focuses on two different points within the scene the rocky environments and Tron’s city, even within only a small amount of concept art. Church shows clearly exactly what he envisioned Tron’s city to look like. A ‘high sci-fi’, clean smooth environment. However, the rocky environments around the city are bumpy and rugged, the opposite of the city. The rocks around the city are created using matte techniques. Which adds to the complexity of the art. The same goes for Avatar, Church clearly shines when creating vehicles within a set environment, this is not shown as much in Tron. However, in avatar Church has created concept art for mechs and several different flying vehicles. The insides of the vehicles were created using other images and sticking them together, at least in the vehicle cockpits, another use of matte painting techniques. Overall, I like the concepts that Church has created. I enjoy the complexity of mixing digital painting and matte techniques, as it adds to the complexity of the images and makes them feel more alive and ‘fleshed out’.

Church’s work has clearly influenced both movies. This clearly being more prominent in avatar, as most if not all of the vehicles he concepted were used in the final movie, with not much about them being changed. Most of the fauna and flora he created were used in the final movie. The general look of the environments he created were also used, however not many of the environments were taking into the movie looking exactly the same. However, it is clearly visible that he influenced the look greatly. As for Tron, the general look of the city and surrounding area was quite similar, the clean city and rugged outskirts were kept. However the city itself was changed around, the second city in the sky was taken out and replaced with a much more full and living city down below. However once scene in particular was clearly influenced by church’s work. The area where the main protagonist reunites with his father, is almost a copy of the cave scene that church concepted. Just a few things like bookshelves and a pool were added.


Portfolio reflection

Over the last few weeks i have not posted much of my work, as I have been working on my portfolio. However now that I have presented my portfolio and it is out of the way, I can start working on posting more work to my blog. But not before i reflect on my portfolio. I believe it went well, better than I ever expected. I ended up getting a merit. The work I had presented was high quality, however I was told that I needed to spread my time around my work more. I had mainly focused on 3D modelling and hardly did enough work on other subjects. However that is what I will need to do in my second year, so I will need to continue to do what I am doing.

Faces: Thumbnails 1


When I was asked to create thumbnails for my head design/ art work thing. I started to doodle, these were the best things I came up with (In my opinion). First I came up with balloons with faces and a bunch of hands, all of the balloons will have different expressions. The second idea was faces melting into smaller faces, and the same with the tongue. I don’t have much to say about these drawings as they are only doodles at the moment and need LOTS of improvement.

Alex Padre

Alex Padre has worked with various large companies such as Warner Bros. Records and Lucas films, creating various movie posters and other works of art.




“Vertigo” is one of Alex’s works of art. The function of the art itself is that it was used in an art exhibition in Corey Hellford Gallery. The artist, Alex, decided to make these works of art based around “a famed nightmare-hunter Caleb Verti Parker”. He made these works of arts because he liked the idea of drawing nightmare monsters. I like the fact that these works of art are quite evil looking and that the artist doesn’t hold back at all, and he draws what he wants. He also uses colors you wouldn’t normally expect in these types of drawings.

Dystopian Vehicle 3D: 3

I have decided to completely redo my vehicle, as I am not satisfied with my design at my current point in time. I will continue to use the blimp/ airship design, however I am going to rework the looks of the whole ship.

blimp 2.PNG

I have tried to think of more blimp designs for my ship, and this is the one i liked the most.

I have started work on the front of the ship.

Blimp 2 start.PNG

Although this is all I have at the moment, i am pleased with the way it turned out. The bars are just extended cubes that are beveled on the edges.

As i have said in other posts, I have been inspired by the game ‘guns of Icarus’, and I am trying to adopt the steampunk aesthetic. The front of my ship is nearly an copy from a ship in the game. My ship Is designed around the ship ‘Pyramidion’ from the game, this is it below. The front is pretty similar, however the rest is only based off of the ship, but will not be a copy.

..Image result for guns of icarus ships

Art deco in real life, compared to bioshock

Art deco: The predominant decorative art style of the 1920s and 1930s, characterised by precise and boldly geometric shapes and strong colours and used most notably in household objects and in architecture.

Many building designs incorporate this style, with its simple colours and simple geometric shapes. Because of its simple style, it can be found in various video game.

Some examples of buildings that use this style are: BBC broadcasting house in London  and the palace of nations in Geneva.


Image result for palace of nationsImage result for bbc broadcasting house

These simple geometric shapes are easily transferred over to the digital world in games such as Bioshock, mostly 1 and 2.

Image result for bioshock art decoImage result for bioshock building

These images from bioshock clearly show the art deco style being used in games. The buildings have the simple geometric shapes and the simple light colours.

Dystopian vehicle research design


I found this image on the site, It is a modified industrial truck. So it fits in perfectly with the theme i need to stick so, so i’m using it as inspiration.

I am also looking at vehicles from the movies Elysium, Blade runner and various other dystopian movies themed movies. dys-2

This vehicle from the movie Elysium has the sort of look i would like to aim for, as I want to design a vehicle that can fly, but also sticks with the theme.