Warframe weapon model: 2 (Tipedo)

I have improved my model since the last post, I have remade the weapon shaft, as some of the faces were sticking too far out, and made it look very sharp and like it had spikes on it> which I did not like.

Tipedo 3.jpg

I have also started to engrave patterns into the blade. I will improve the model next time by making the engravings more visible and making it the sharp part of the blade look more sharp and less square.

Character animaton in after effects introduction

I started my character animation my importing the background and the character files from the X drive. I then created a new composition with 25 fps and running for 6 seconds.

Jed 1.PNG

I then used the pivot tool to add points to the character so i can animate. One on each knee one on each hand and foot. One on the crotch, and the top and bottom of the head.

I then made a basic animation making the legs move up and down, giving the impression that the character is running. I then used the starch tool to stiffen up the model, so the head doesn’t stretch. I then recomposed the layer so that i can edit the position of the character without changing the animation. I then changed the position and size of the character to make it look like the character is moving towards the camera.

Jed 2.gif

2D unity game

Continuing from last week, i have improved upon my 2D unity game. As i can now control the player ship. It can be moved forwards and backwards, and rotate.2d-unity

I now know where to use True or false, “bool”. A whole number, “int”. A decimal number, “float”. And a chain of characters = “string”.

Unity Game: Updated

This week i only did a little bit of coding. I took the “Door Controller” script and changed it around so that one door opens clockwise and the other one anticlockwise. I changed the small room to a Barn to give it a more personal feel. I made the barn in Maya, and exported it into Unity.


I also added audio, and temporarily have the song “6969” by the band NSP as i was testing out audio in unity.



Animate Platformer Game Update

I have improved upon my Animate Platformer since last week. I have added collectible items which look like pumpkins and have drawn a new character. I stuck with the Halloween theme and used a cat, although the cat i used was Garfield.



I have added comments to the code, which will help me remember what the code does in the future, and will help when making games in the future.

Flash Games

I was asked to play and evaluate games made with the Flash Engine so i could experience what the Flash Engine was capable of.

I played Several different games to play, most of them being we browsers. One of which is called “Dino Run”, the player controls a velociraptor through various side scrolling levels from a “wall of doom” which increases in difficulty the further you get. dino-run-1dino-run-2

The game looks pretty good, as the game shows off various effects from the Flash Engine.

Another game i tried was “Castle Crashers” which is a quite popular game. It shows off the extent of the Flash Engine visual capabilities as it looks very appealing.castle-crash-1castle-crash-2

However the coding and animation were made in a different engine.

Introduction to Animate

Today i started learning the basics of animate. I created simple shapes like circles, stars and Squares, and then edited them into something more complex. I used the ‘Line Tool’ the ‘Rectangle Tool’, ‘Circle Tool’ and the ‘PolyStar Tool’ to create the basic shapes. I then used the ‘Free Transform Tool’ to edit the basic shapes. I also edited the Stroke size and style of the shapes to create some unusual shape boarders.random-shape-introduction

After i had finished editing the shapes I was tasked with creating a portrait of myself. I began with a circle on stroke size 6 and the width on option 8. Which as a result created a difference in line weight. I then edited the Circle shape with the ‘Free Transform Tool’ giving it a more face like look. I added basic eye shapes using the ‘Circle Tool’. Using the brush tool i drew the hair and ears by hand. I had 3 different layers which resulted in depth for the ‘portrait’. The face shape, eyes and mouth were on layer 1. The glasses and ears were on layer 2. The Hair was on layer 3.