Portfolio reflection

Over the last few weeks i have not posted much of my work, as I have been working on my portfolio. However now that I have presented my portfolio and it is out of the way, I can start working on posting more work to my blog. But not before i reflect on my portfolio. I believe it went well, better than I ever expected. I ended up getting a merit. The work I had presented was high quality, however I was told that I needed to spread my time around my work more. I had mainly focused on 3D modelling and hardly did enough work on other subjects. However that is what I will need to do in my second year, so I will need to continue to do what I am doing.


After Effects: Animating crushed words

Harrison Crushed.gif

We have been given two weeks to create our own animated words, with the name of a character or game. However this week we were tasked with animating some stuff Pete had given us. We had to make it seem like the boulder was crushing the words Harrison Ford.

I started by animating the position of the boulder, and then animating the rotation. The final frame for the boulder is at 75.

I then used the pupped tool to add pins to the words, and then starched the bottom of all the words.

Skin effects in after effects

This week in VFX I added glowing skin and vein effects to a video that Gary placed into the X-drive.

skin effects.gif

Firstly I Tracked the video in mocha, I then selected the Bezier tool and drew around the area I wanted to have the veins showing.

Beizer tool

I then created a black solid, and pasted the tracked mocha video onto this black solid, and added a grid. I then created another black solid and added the Fractal noise effect, I changed around the setting until I found something I wanted.

I turned the eye off of the first black solid so I could see the then drew around the area that I wanted the area that I wanted the veins to show up in.

I then added the veins to the composition, 3 of the same vein from the X-drive, I just changed around the scale and rotation, and placed all of the veins into a precomposition. In that precomposition I added a white solid, and moved it to the bottom. I then changed this precomp to Luma Matte setting. I then made a precomposition of the Noise and veins precompositions and added a black solid to this, I then changed the mode of this to colour dodge.

I color corrected the veins with the curves effect, I opened up the tracking data and pasted the tracking data onto the new precomposition. I also keyed the noise layer inside this precomp to move around.

Trim Paths in After Effects


During my lesson today i learned how to create trim paths.

To start with the imported two files from the X drive, they both including the Text ‘Trim Paths’ in two different ways.

The one with the outline of the words¬†was what i used first. I created shapes from a vector layer which made it possible for me to edit the text. I then opened the texts ‘contents’ and added a trim layer, which makes it possible for me to just edit the outline of the word.trim

Clicking on this add tab will open a list where I can find the trim path option, and add a new tab to the contents.


I then opened this new tab, called ‘Trim Paths 1’, and located the ‘End’ option. I clicked the clock next to the End text and then set the percentage to 0% while the timeline was at 0 seconds. I then moved the timeline to 4 seconds which is the end of the timeline, and changed the percentage to 100%. Which would end up in the text having this effect.


Particle effects and drawing with light

First i created a Null, and then I added a new solid object. solid

I then added the CC particle Systems II to this background creating this kind of effect…


I then edited the effects to make it look like a stream of light rather than a firework.

I then liked the position of this light stream to follow the moving null.

I also duplicated the effect layer twice, changed the colors and positions, resulting in this.